Welcome! This is my first attempt at blogging. I decided to share the story of my journey through chronic physical pain using movement and art. Although my thesis was actually a hypothesis – I found no actual combined research on my topic – and I was approached by several publishers to publish this work, I decided on a blog. Why? One, because I hope this blog is useful to someone. I hope that someone else, besides me of course, can benefit from this information and in turn, from the technique itself. And because I rarely do things as others do – in order, with a plan or within some sort of linear framework – I felt it was important to stay true to who I am. Random. Chaotic. By the seat of my pants. I mean I’ve tried adulting, really I have. I’m a parent with two adults in my life calling me mom. Second, there is also a level of authenticity I find very refreshing in a blog – uncensored and immediate, imperfect even. Ultimately, I also wanted to make this information accessible to EVERYONE. Not everyone likes books the way I do, not everyone leaves the house, or shops at malls (gross), or wants to read a long, drawn out boring scientific research paper! Access. Equal access. Many people enjoy a vast array of information found on the interwebs, learn new things, research a plethora of topics and share of themselves, too! And so, a blog!

Writing a book would be too straightforward, and frankly even boring for me. I can add my artwork as I see fit. I can take the thesis and edit out all the science leaving only the bare bones of it – me, nekkid and skinless. While my narrative is the underlying story, the science has INCREDIBLE value here. Why? Simply this – it provided me with a lens through which to examine my experience. Only then was I able to see myself and say, YES!! This is true for me and I’m not fucking crazy!! Screw all those other people! My body is telling me something!

I’ve had many helping hands along the way – my children and family, friends, my Naropa University community who saw me as I am, and who encouraged me every step of the way. There have been mentors, hard lessons and uncomfortable situations which mirrored my childhood experiences – all of them designed by the universal laws of matter and energy to help me unwind implicit somatic memories and patterns of function both in my body and in my life. Yes, there is a deep wisdom in the body. Much more deep than I could have ever imagined! Here we go!